Jas’ Story.

A Denver Native. I am a Visionary and a Consultant that helps people and organizations create systems that will help them reach their next goal or project. Under J. Elizah’s consulting, I help small business and entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality by providing project management and administrative support. I work with organizations to get their 501(c)3 status (nonprofit status), build their boards and nonprofit structures and provide operational support for small businesses and entrepreneurs. In addition, I am an event planner with a focus on community and personalized retreats and brunches. I also help people establish wealth for their families through life insurance and mutual funds.

I found myself living in Springfield, MA in 2011 working as a Financial Aid advisor for a nonprofit agency, expecting my first born Elijah. A single mother, college graduate with tons of talents but not fulfilled with what I was doing, I decided I once Elijah was born I would not return back to work for someone else but I would create my own story. While I was employed, I developed a leadership development curriculum for girls called Beauties to Behold teaching soft skills and etiquette to inner-city girls. My boss at the time was a Woman and super supportive of my next steps, so much so she helped me create my business plan and referred me to schools and organizations to provide my services. Elijah was born in October, I started at my first school in January 2013. One of the staples of Beauties to Behold was our Woman of BEAUTY recognition gala, it was an upscale gala with an urban feel that exposed young girls to settings and environments they hadn’t experienced before. It was in planning this event that I realized I had a real gift for project management and event planning. In addition, I was heavily involved in the community through volunteering and church so my ability to engage different populations and diverse backgrounds were growing stronger by the day. I must stop to say my relationship with Christ is the premise to everything I do, so as all these pieces were coming together I was constantly in prayer asking for my next move. As Beauties to Behold began to expand, people began to hire me for event and project management services and my business literally just took off from there.

I thought I was supposed to stay in MA and build my empire there but God had different plans. The day after completing my MS in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy, I lost complete feeling in my lower left body. In some freakish way, a bone chipped and blocked my nerve canal causing me to bed-bound for three months. I was able to do a lot of reflecting during that time and knew it was time for me to come back to Colorado. I had spinal surgery in August and moved back to Denver in October of 2016. I didn’t want to go back to the same things that caused me to leave in the first place so I was very intentional about establishing a new circle. I joined the Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado and the program literally changed my life. During my time as a Fellow, I was able to establish a new network of clients and supporters and re-establish my business. But as a Denver Native, I was disheartened by the increase of people without homes in our community. I wanted to do something to give back so I created Thanksgiving in July, a day of giving back to people without homes. It is a full day of community where we barbecue for our neighbors without homes we have ribs, pork chops, potato salads, baked beans, a real good meal! We also partner with local organizations and provide haircuts, a clothing boutique, showers, and hygiene bags. But we also bring so much love and community, a full DJ, games and just real positive energy the 3rd Saturday of July at Sonny Lawson Park. Our 4th annual will be July 18th, 2020 – volunteers are always needed! I also wanted to create experiences for our families to show that we are not the stereotypes that so many portray so I created the Father Daughter Occasion, a celebration of healthy father-daughter relationships. Daddy’s and daughters would spend a full day in interactive workshops including cookies and painting, yoga and close the event with the Fathers presenting their daughters with promise rings. As a single mother. My tribe is very important to me and I understand the complexities of trying to find a thing called balance that doesn’t exist, but I wanted to help other women know they weren’t alone in the struggle so I created Mamas Who Hustle, an annual brunch and safe space to bare it all. I’ve also supported The Equity Project, LLC, and Shorter Community AME Church. I am also the Creative Mind behind Beauties to Behold a leadership development program for girls, and Jas Jewels podcast.

I knew my life experiences were ones that could help someone else. Similar to Beauties to Behold, I wanted to find a way to empower young ladies and women my age so in 2017 I self-published my memoir Return to The Knew, a memoir about life, religion, motherhood and everything in between. It sold over 500 copies, and I am excited to announce, three years later it was officially picked up by Covenant Publishers so I am now an official author! Return to The Knew is set to be re-released in December 2020, so be on the lookout! In addition to Return to The Knew, Jas Jewels is now a podcast and available on all iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn, iHeart Radio and Stitcher.

I would say, every one of my life experiences got me to where I am today. I know that God has gifted me in a special way to tell my story to lead people to Him. Helping young ladies understand it doesn’t matter where or how you started as long as you have faith and tenacity NOTHING is impossible, As my quote says, I never really knew my place so I just create it with God guiding me. I am grateful for every step of the journey and future projects to come.

I would love to help you reach your next goal or plan your next event, lets make your vision a reality.

Peace & Blessings,

Jasmine Elizabeth, MS